The X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor was developed as a powerful tool for NDT inspectors to make the X-Ray inspection faster, more precisely and easier.

X-Vizor allows to acquire, process and output both static (Radiography) and dynamic (real time) images.

X-Vizor can work with different devices such as film digitizers, CR Systems, Flat panel detectors, Line scan cameras, Image intensifiers and TWAIN-devices.

X-Vizor supports EN & ANSI Standards, allows to work with large files (up to 8 Gb), image database (archiving & storage), supports different file formats: jpeg (8 bit), BMP, PNG (16 bit), TIFF (8 or 16 bit), XVZ, DCM\DICONDE and allows very fast and high performance image processing using GPU.





Supported devices

X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor can aquire the information from different type of devices:

Film digitizers

X-Vizor can work with all known industrial film digitizers: Array, Microtek, VIDAR.

CR Systems (image plate scanners)

X-Vizor supports work with CR Systems.

DR Systems (flat panel detectors)

X-Vizor works with the modernest X-Ray detection technology: flat panels detectors.

Line scan cameras

X-Vizor supports work with line scan cameras. 

Image intensifiers

X-Vizor can support also work with image intensifiers.


X-Vizor can work with any twain-device. The only thing you need is an appropriate device driver.