About us

"Newcom-NDT” LLC is an official distributor of companies Duerr NDT (Germany), LARIVIÈRE (Germany), VIDAR (USA) in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Formed in November 2010 with the aim of creating a wide dealer network and sales increasing of systems for computer and digital radiography, film digitizers in Russia and other CIS countries.

"Newcom-NDT" LLC specializes in solutions for radiography in non-destructive testing (NDT), supplies equipment and provides complete solutions for X-Ray inspection, consisting of X-Ray sources, manipulators, detectors, X-Ray protection cabinets, control electronics etc.

To fulfill the most stringent requirements of NDT X-Ray inspection market, our company developed a special X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor for use in digital and computed radiography systems. The software X-Vizor (certificate of registration No. 2012610620) supports all types of devices: CR systems (image plate scanners), DR systems (flat panels), film digitizers, image intensifiers, line scan cameras and any TWAIN-devices. The main advantages of the X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor you can find below.



Advantages of the program

Fast automatic algorithms of defects & pattern recognition

Do you need to find and highlight the weld on your picture?

Do you need to find any defects?

X-Vizor can help you to do this in one click. One video is worth a thousand words: (ссылка на видео урок по поиску шва и дефектов).

Support of EN & ANSI Standards (including reporting forms)

You provide services in NDT X-Ray and have to do this according EN 12517-1:2006 or ANSI Standard.

X-Vizor allows you to classify defects in automatized modus according to appropriate standard.

More about it you can see here (here – гиперссылка на соответствующий урок).

DICONDE compatibility

You need to share the pictures with other department or with your colleagues.

X-Vizor saves pictures for you in DICONDE format to simplify this process. (saves pictures – гиперссылка на видео с экспортом файлов в различные форматы).

Large image files (up to 8 Gb)

You x-ray circular weld on pipelines of big diameters and need to digitize a 7 meter long film.

X-Vizor make it for you. Тут бы надо ссылку на видео по скорости открытия файла 1 Гб в винде и X-Vizor.

High performance image processing using GPU

You need more speed by image processing to increase the performance.

X-Vizor helps you and forwards the most difficult calculations to the hardware. (гиперссылка -  forwards the most difficult calculations to the hardware).

Image database: archiving & storage

You need to store your pictures in a database and would like to have an access to them in the future.

X-Vizor provides you the full interface for using and operating your own database. (гиперссылка - your own database).

Multi language interface

Your mother tongue is not English.

X-Vizor speaks also German and Russian.