About X-Vizor

The X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor was developed as a powerful tool for NDT inspectors to make the X-Ray inspection faster, more precisely and easier.

X-Vizor allows to acquire, process and output both static (Radiography) and dynamic (real time) images.

X-Vizor can work with different devices such as film digitizers, CR Systems, Flat panel detectors, Line scan cameras, Image intensifiers and TWAIN-devices.

X-Vizor supports EN & ANSI Standards, allows to work with large files (up to 8 Gb), image database (archiving & storage), supports different file formats: jpeg (8 bit), BMP, PNG (16 bit), TIFF (8 or 16 bit), XVZ, DCM\DICONDE and allows very fast and high performance image processing using GPU.

Advantages of the program

Fast automatic algorithms of defects & pattern recognition
Large image files
(up to 8 Gb)
High performance
image processing
using GPU
Image database:
archiving & storage